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Mortgage and Home Loans Do's and Don'ts 

Applying for a mortgage or home loan can be very stressful and complex but it doesn't have to be if you know what you're up against. 

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Here are some Do's and Don'ts tips for a smooth and stress-free closing.

  • DO respond quickly to requests for information to avoid delays in the mortgage and loan process.
  • DON'T deposit cash to your bank account -  Cash deposits will NOT be considered available funds.
  • DO provide documentation for any non-payroll deposits - gifts from family members call for additional documentation.
  • DON'T open any new bank accounts or apply for any new credit card accounts to take out a loan or lease - any new accounts will be considered into your debt-to-income ratio and will require additional underwriting which may cause delays or negate /void your application.
  • DON'T allow anyone to pull or check your credit score until after you close on your mortgage - all credit inquiries are monitored and will require detailed explanation on your part.
  • DO keep current on your existing credit card accounts - your credit is monitored throughout the mortgage or home loan process.
  • DON'T purchase any major items, such as furniture, car, boat or jewelry during the mortgage process.
  • DO pay off any past due collections, judgments or tax liens reporting on your credit report.
  • DON'T quit or change jogs - all underwriters will verbally verify your employment on the day of your closing.
  • DO Call Me!  I can assist you locate the best mortgage company or home loan provider for your Celebration, Kissimmee or Orlando Florida new home purchase!


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