Foreign Investments in Central Florida Residential Real Estate

The Sunshine State of Florida is well known for warm mild winters, the pristine sandy beaches and especially for the exciting and sprawling Theme Parks which dot the landscape.  Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the beautiful state of Florida every month and many of them eventually end up moving to the Sunshine State.  But tourists are not the only entity drawn to this beautiful peninsula, foreign investors also have their eyes on this shinning jewel of the South.  The National Association of Realtors (NAR) and Florida Realtors have shared their data which show a total investment of $7.97 billion into Florida residential property in the year to June 2014, an impressive increase of $1.5 billion on the previous year.

The lower market values which have settled over most of Central Florida have played a major part in the explosion of overseas investment.  Foreign investors from all over the world have descended upon this great investment opportunity and have pumped billions of dollars into the steadily growing economy. 

Canadians lead the foreign investments which account for 32% of purchases.  Investors from Western Europe account for 24% of said purchases.  Investors from the United Kingdom also rank high in Central Florida purchases.  Currently The Sunshine State of Florida is an extremely luring market to foreign investors from all over the world.  As billions of dollars pour into the economy the unemployment numbers have declined and a rise for long-term rental properties have followed.  With such great values to chose from, foreign investors are seeking to enjoy a solid return on their investment dollars.  The ever increasing demands for purchasable inventory has lead to a rise in rents.  Lower market values and increase in rents in Central Florida is providing foreign investors with potential growth to their capital.

When the Florida Residential Real Estate Market fell victim to the economic crisis years ago, home values plummeted and hundreds of thousands of Florida homeowners lost their homes to foreclosure or short sale.  Now the Florida Residential Real Estate Market is back on its feet and the investment market is becoming more and more attractive to foreign and global investors. 

If you are a Foreign Investor seeking to invest your capital in the State of Florida, I can help you locate the properties you most desire to   I am a Certified Investor Agent Specialist (CIAS) and I welcome the opportunity to assist you in growing your personal wealth and Central Florida Residential Real Estate Market Portfolio.